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 What is a DoorDwell . . . . 

Door Dwell is a delayed action door holder - The Door Dwell is the simple and easy solution for all self closing doors.

Door dwell is a cost effective air bleed sucker device which will hold any type of spring or pneumatically self closing door open for an adjustable period of time between ten seconds to one minute.


Door dwell provides an alternative to expensive door holding devices such as Electro-Magnetically held open doors and can be retro fitted into existing buildings. Fire Prevention Officers actively recommend Door dwell as a simple and effective solution for doors that are constantly being propped open illegally.


Door dwell holds the edge because it is totally fail safe, there are no mechanical parts to wear out, giving Door dwell an extended life span in every building which requires fire safety and energy economy, where doors must be closed after use. Thousands of these devices are working reliably today and everyday.


Door Dwell holds the door open for stretchers, wheelchairs, mail trolleys parcels etc.

Door Dwell is an air-bleed sucker unit. A self-closing door, when pushed against it, will hold for an adjustable 10-30 seconds.

Door Dwell is a non-mechanical and completely fail safe.

The unit is strong and reliable, The grey sucker face is only 3" (75mm) in diameter and is mounted on a aluminium bracket.

Any door is suitable, whether spring or pneumatically operated.

Installation is simple, with no special tools required, and the timing is so simple to adjust.

The design and function of the Door Dwell are approved by Fire and Safety Officers. It reduces door damage and heat loss, and has been tested by The British Standards Institution. (it is illegal to wedge or hook-back fire doors.) 

There are two types of unit - the Universal and the Long Reach.


If you require any further details or technical details please dont hesitate to contact us directly.

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